Are ACCPD officers required to report each time they use force or threaten to use force?

Yes, Directive 6.01.08 requires officers to submit a report to their supervisors for every time they use force against a citizen.  This includes anytime an officer shows force through presentation of a taser or firearm.  Officers must thoroughly document and properly articulate in their report the reason for using force and the level of force used.  All uses of force by department members are thoroughly investigated and further documented by a supervisor regardless of the circumstances or type of force.  As part of the investigation, the supervisor will seek to speak to all parties involved and any witnesses to the encounter and review any available evidence.  Each investigative report is reviewed through the appropriate chain of command to determine if the officer’s actions were or were not within department policy.  Any policy violations concerning excessive force require the supervisor to initiate a formal complaint against the officer that is submitted to the Office of Professional Standards.  Upon completion of the investigation and review process, the Office of Professional Standards conducts a review of the supervisor’s investigation to ensure that it was thorough and properly conducted, as well as a secondary review of the use of force itself to confirm the policy findings.  For more information about Departmental use of force, please view our Annual Compliance Reports Page

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