How should applications be submitted?

All applications should be submitted as a USB flash drive AND through email.

  • Email: Submit a pdf file to Santerica Davis at by 4:00pm on Friday, May 8, 2020.
  • USB Flash Drive: Drop off in a labeled envelope at the Satula Governmental Building (375 Satula Avenue, Athens, GA 30601). Use the silver mail slot to the left of the door.

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1. Who can apply?
2. What activities are eligible for funding?
3. How is “indigent” being defined?
4. When is the application due?
5. How should applications be submitted?
6. How are applications being evaluated?
7. How will funding be distributed?
8. When will funding be available?
9. What is the period of time funding will cover?
10. What are the insurance requirements for my organization to receive this funding?
11. Reporting requirements?
12. Who should I contact with questions?
13. My organization is a religious organization. Are we eligible for these local funds?
14. Is financial assistance (rental assistance, utility assistance, mortgage assistance, etc.) an eligible activity?