I want to care for the kittens. What do I do next?

Due to the vulnerability of kittens in a shelter environment, Athens-Clarke County Animal Services has asked citizens in the community to help through the Wait Until 8 program. Through this program, Athens-Clarke County will provide some resources to care for the orphaned kittens until they are at an age, safe enough to survive in a shelter and become a potential adoption candidate to find their new loving home.

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1. What is kitten season?
2. I found a litter of kittens. What do I do?
3. I am going to bring the litter of kittens to Athens-Clarke County Animal Services. What will happen?
4. I want to care for the kittens. What do I do next?
5. What is the Wait Until 8 program?
6. How do I qualify for the Wait Until 8 Program?
7. I want to sign up for the Wait Until 8 Program how do I do that?
8. My Wait Until 8 kitten(s) are two pounds! What do I do now?
9. My Wait Until 8 kittens are sick. What do I do?