Why am I not getting a daily use notification anymore?

Daily Use Notifications are opt-in and initiated by the customer to set personal notification thresholds.  For both daily use and billing period Notifications, thresholds are set relative to the customer’s typical seasonal use, when available, or simply their typical use when seasonal use is not available.  Typical seasonal use is defined as the average of the last two years of data for the relevant billing period. For example, if your average use for the January billing period is 175 gallons per day, and your notification is set at 2X your normal seasonal use, then you will be notified if you use more than 350 gallons per day. Once we move into the April billing period, you will be notified if you use more than 2X your normal April use.  For customers that have less than two years of usage data, we use one year of historical data for the relevant billing period to identify their typical seasonal use. Customers with less than one year of billing history (ex. new customer) are compared to their average use up to that point in time, defined as their normal use.

A customer may receive notifications for a few days, then experience a period of time when they no longer receive notifications.  If your daily water use does not go over your normal seasonal use of your selected threshold, you will not receive a notification.  When you go over the threshold again, another notification is sent.  On days a customer is not notified of water use, the data can be accessed through your WaterSmart account.


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