Can I adjust my leak alert notifications?

Customers automatically enroll in leak alerts by registering for a WaterSmart account.  To discontinue leak alerts, customers must opt out of this notification. 

  • Leak alert notifications can be customized by choosing the "Settings" tab drop-down menu and selecting "Communication Preferences."  communication preferences
  • Under "Communication Preferences," you can select how you would prefer to receive notifications (email, text, voice), set "normal" water use for your property, and opt-in or opt-out of messages.
    Leak alert notifications
  • If your property uses water continuously, tell us how much by specifying the "Gallons Per Hour" (gph) in the "Leak Alerts" section.  This amount will be considered normal for your account and will not be flagged by the leak detection system.  
  • Another way to adjust the baseline for notifications is to indicate within the leak resolution process that the water use is typical for your property.  When a leak alert is received, follow the steps within the leak resolution process to indicate regular service for your home.

The leak alert notification parameters are as follows:

  • Single Family Residence:  Continuous Leak alert sent when water use exceeds 3 gph for 48 hours. 
  • Single Family Residence:  Burst Leak alert sent when water use exceeds 30 gph for 8 hours.
  • Commercial*:  Burst Leak alert sent when water use exceeds 10 gph for 168 hours.

*Commercial Accounts:  Due to the fluctuations in water use and the needs of commercial accounts, leak notifications are sent only for suspected Burst Leaks.  ACC Public Utilities Dept. recommends commercial accounts interested in additional monitoring set "Daily Use Notifications," so if water use is higher than "normal" for your specific business, an alert is sent.

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