What job evaluation methodology was used in this pay study?

MAG uses a proprietary job evaluation methodology called a Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) to gather information about the nature of jobs.  Specifically, jobs are evaluated based on varying degrees of the following elements:

  • Data Responsibility
  • Judgment
  • People Responsibility
  • Complexity of Work
  • Assets Responsibility
  • Impact of Decisions
  • Education Required
  • Equipment Usage
  • Physical Demands
  • Communications
  • Math
  • Unavoidable Hazards
  • Safety of Others
  • Experience Required

The JAQ is completed for each position by the employee(s) who holds that position (i.e. the incumbent) as well as the supervisor who oversees the work performed by that position.  Together, the employee and supervisor serve as the subject matter experts for that position.  Ultimately, each job is scored based upon the combined responses to the JAQ.

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1. How was the pay grade for my position determined?
2. What job evaluation methodology was used in this pay study?
3. How was the labor market value of each position determined?
4. Which other jurisdictions were included in the Market Survey?
5. Why were those jurisdictions selected?
6. How was my projected pay rate determined?
7. I believe that the promotion or hire date used to calculate my projected pay rate might be wrong. What should I do?
8. Was performance considered in determining pay?