January 10, 2019
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
120 West Dougherty Street
Administrative Meetings

1. 1085 Belmont Rd

The Barn – Site (Building to Follow)

Request:  This project consists of ADA access, 4 ADA parking spaces, and 118 parking spaces for an event facility.

NNI & Project Information:
Commission District:  1
NNI Neighborhood:   none
Overlay Area:  Belmont Road
Current Zoning:  AR (Agricultural Residential)
Project #: PR-2018-12-3497
Location Map: 1085 Belmont Road

Contact Information:
Fain Slaughter

2. 505 Olympic Drive

Olympic Drive Storage – Site (Building to Follow)

Request:  This project consists of multiple self-storage buildings with modifications to existing parking, additional stormwater infrastructure, a tree management plan and relocation of two drives...

NNI & Project Information:
Commission District:  2
NNI Neighborhood:   Boulevard Neighborhood Association
Overlay Area:  none
Current Zoning:  I (Industrial); E-I (Employment Industrial)
Project #: PR-2018-12-3527
Location Map: 505 Olympic Park Drive

Contact Information:
Frank Pittman

3. 695 Prince Avenue

Piedmont Triangle – Site (Stand Alone)

Request:  This project consists of a main concrete circulation that divides three separate gravel spaces for seating. The square footage of the site work will be 5,800 square feet.

NNI & Project Information:
Commission District:  3
NNI Neighborhood:   Cobbham Neighborhood Association
Overlay Area:  Prince Avenue; North Milledge Avenue
Current Zoning:  IN (Institutional)
Project #: PR-2018-12-3511
Location Map: 695 Prince Avenue

Contact Information:
Dustin Jones

4. 3875 Jefferson Road

Cali-n-Tito’s West – Site (Building to Follow)

Request:  This project consists of the site work for a restaurant. The proposed impervious area will be 38, 033 sf; total lot coverage is proposed at 44, 462 sf with 80 parking spaces 4 of which will be ADA. Building to follow site work review.

NNI & Project Information:
Commission District:  5
NNI Neighborhood:   None
Overlay Area:  None
Current Zoning:  C-G (Commercial General)
Project #: PR-2018-12-3424
Location Map: 3875 Jefferson Road

Contact Information:
Josh Koons

5. 850 Macon Highway

Glenview – Preliminary Plat

Request:  This project consists of the preliminary plat for a 25 home subdivision with a public street off of Macon Highway. Current zoning is RS-5 (Single Family Residential). Proposed on street parking is proposed at 30 parking spaces; proposed open space will be 63, 763 sf; lot sizes range from 30,695 sf to 10,280 sf.

NNI & Project Information:
Commission District:  10
NNI Neighborhood:   Adjacent to Five Points
Overlay Area:  Timothy Road
Current Zoning:  RS-5 (Single Family Residential)
Project #: PREP-2018-12-3508
Location Map: 850 Macon Highway

Contact Information:
Michael Conrads

6. 270 Tallassee Road

270 Tallassee Road Tract – Site (Building to Follow)

Request:  This project consists of the site work for a multi-family project. Proposed parking is proposed at 991 spaces-34 of which will be ADA. Proposed lot coverage will be 958,834.02 sf (27.02% of the site); buildings will make up 244,000 sf (6.88% of site); paving will be 714,834.02 sf (20.14% of site). Total project density will be 1, 023 bedrooms which will be over 77.949 acres.

NNI & Project Information:
Commission District:  5
NNI Neighborhood:   Adjacent to Homewood Hills Neighborhood Association
Overlay Area:  Tallassee Road; Mitchell Bridge Road
Current Zoning:  RM-2 (Mixed Density Residential); RS-8 (Single Family Residential)
Project #: PR-2018-12-3418
Location Map: 270 Tallassee Road

Contact Information:
Frank Pittman

View the complete Plans Review agenda here:

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