November 2, 2017
7:00 PM
120 West Dougherty Street
Public Hearing

Old Business



Request:  Approval of a preliminary planned development is requested for three properties at 1321 Oconee St. & 170-184 Elbert St. They are currently zoned C-G (AZ2) (Commercial General, Airport Approach Zone 2). The request is to combine the properties for a new QuikTrip convenience store and gas center. The proposed development has a 5,773 square foot store, 10 double sided gas dispensers and 60 parking spaces. The property also is located adjacent to the future Firefly Trail and is proposing a connection via a patio.

NNI & Project Information:
Commission District:  2
NNI Neighborhood:   none
Overlay Area:  none
Current Zoning: C-G (Commercial General)
Project #: PD-2016-12-3187
Location Map: 1321 Oconee St, & 170-184 Elbert St

Contact Information:
Michael Burk

1.  1331 S MILLEDGE AVE 


Request:  Change a former office in to a new, 1,935 square foot restaurant plus outdoor seating. The new use is proposed to have 10 on-site and 15 off-site (on adjacent parcel) parking spaces and access from Milledge with an exit onto to the alley that connects with Morton Ave. The request is to rezone the properties from C-O (Commercial Office) to C-N(PD) (Commercial Neighborhood, Planned Development).

NNI & Project Information:
Commission District:  4
NNI Neighborhood:   Friends of Five Points
Overlay Area:  South and Middle S Milledge Ave
Current Zoning:  C-O (Commercial Office)
Project #: PD-2017-08-2145
Location Map: 1331 S Milledge Ave

Contact Information:
Brandon Barrett

2.  594 OCONEE ST 


Request:  Renovation of the former Action Inc. building on Carr’s Hill for a 38 bedroom, multi-family structure. The special use is required to allow first floor residential in a commercial zoned property. The development is seeking to update the front parking lot, add rear parking, sidewalks and an amenity area for the residents. The request is for a Special Use Permit in an RM-2(A) (Mixed Density Residential, Airport Overlay) and C-G (Commercial-General) zoned parcel.

NNI & Project Information:
Commission District:  4
NNI Neighborhood:   none
Overlay Area:  none
Current Zoning:  RM-2(A) (Mixed Density Residential, Airport Overlay) and C-G (Commercial General)
Project #: SUP-2017-08-2155
Location Map: 594 Oconee St

Contact Information:
Scott Haines

New Business


3.  200 BOLEY DR 


Request:  Provide comments for a Preliminary Planned Development at 200 Boley Dr for an 8,000 seat outdoor amphitheater. The parcel is currently split zoned RS-25 (Single Family Residential) & C-G (Commercial General) and is vacant. The applicant would like to divide the property between 42.8 acres in the rear for the amphitheater and 6.2 acres along Commerce Rd for 3 undeveloped commercial tracts. The amphitheater is proposed to have a large front plaza, terraced turf seating, box seating, covered pavilion seating, concessions, stage, sky suites, office, lodging for performers and service area for performers and vendors. There are a proposed 1803 parking spaces, predominantly to the north of the amphitheater along Boley drive. The applicant would also like to construct a greenway leading from Commerce Rd to the plaza where two walls of plaques will commemorate Georgia musical history. The planned development would amend zoning for the entire project to make it all C-G. Future development designations for the parcel are also split between Corridor Business and Single Family Residential, the request would require the entire project to be changed to Corridor Business.

NNI & Project Information:
Commission District:  9
NNI Neighborhood:   none
Overlay Area:  none
Current Zoning: RS-25 (Single Family Residential) &C-G (Commercial General)
Project #: ZONE-2017-09-2641
Location Map: 200 Boley Dr

Contact Information:
Jim Warnes

The Planning Commission is scheduled to consider these requests at their upcoming meeting where public comments will be received and are encouraged. If you are not able to attend the public meeting, you may submit comments in writing. In order to have your comments reviewed by the Planning Commission, please submit 15 copies of your letter or other document, including your name and address, to the Planning Department no later than one week before the meeting. Review the Frequently Asked Questions for more information about commenting on proposed projects.

View the complete Planning Commission agenda and project site plans here:

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