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May 9, 2022 4:06 PM

Discolored Water Possible in Oak Grove Area Due to Construction

The Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities Department is aware of discolored water in the Oak Grove area due to construction. Teams have been working to clear the water for several days, including flushing lines.

Customers in the area may see discolored water in their water lines. Discolored or brown water is due to mineral sediment in the line being stirred up. The water is safe to use and consume, although it is advised not to use discolored water to wash clothes, as it can result in staining. Running cold water for several minutes should clear the water’s appearance.

For more information or to report discolored water that does not clear up after several minutes, contact the ACC Public Utilities Department's Water & Sewer Division at 706-613-3481 or complete the Water Quality Concern form at https://www.accgov.com/FormCenter/Public-Utilities-22/Report-a-Water-Quality-Concern-722.

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