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Meet Li'l Sheepastian - Photos with a Lamb

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Get a photo with Li'l Sheepastian!*

Born at the Cedar Creek Water Reclamation Facility (WRF), Li'l Sheepastian is a goodwill ambassador for Athens' water reclamation operators. This li'l lamb is a future champion chewer, helping to remove pesky weeds and clover that grow beneath the solar panels at Cedar Creek WRF. Celebrate 60 years of wastewater treatment in Athens-Clarke County and say hello to Li'l Sheepastian.

In 1962, the City of Athens built its first water reclamation facility on the North Oconee River to serve the central business district and the industrial areas northeast of Athens. Constructed in 1979, Cedar Creek WRF is the smallest of Athens' three water reclamation facilities and cleans water from homes, schools, and businesses in the southeastern portion of Athens-Clarke County. The original facility was replaced and expanded in 2011. Athens-Clarke County added the solar panels in 2019.

3 cars per sheep time slot, up to 5 people per car. We are limiting capacity so we do not overwhelm the sheep.

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