Women in Science Day

We use science every day whether we know it or not. Many contributions to science have been made by women. During this event, we will celebrate the accomplishments of women in the field of science while sharing fun science experiments to try at home.

This year's event is virtual and will be held on April 24th. The event is free and will be shared through Facebook, Facebook Live, YouTube and this page. 

Kits are available for purchase for $5 to participate with science experiments at home. Those that register for the kits will also receive a link to a WebEx program that will walk participants through the experiments. Kits are geared for ages 7-12 years. Register for a kit by registering for the event.

Schedule of Events:

10am Women in Science Panel via Facebook Live- Participate in this activity by tuning into Facebook Live to see women that have made their careers in science. Learn about what they do and have they got where they are today. If you have a question for a woman scientist, submit questions prior to the panel by emailing Kate.Mowbray@accgov.com..

2pm  Registered Event Kit Participants via WebEx- Register for the event and pay for a kit to participate in this portion of the event. Only registered participants will receive a link to join in this virtual live program. For ages 7-12 years. Registration for kits ends April 16th. Pick up of kits will be Tuesday, April 20 - Friday, April 23 at Sandy Creek Nature Center.

Past Women in Science Event

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