Women in Science Day

We use science every day whether we know it or not. Many contributions to science have been made by women. During this event, we will celebrate the accomplishments of women in the field of science while sharing fun science experiments to try at home.

This year's event was virtual and held on April 24th. Facebook Live recordings can be found on SCNC's Facebook page under videos or ACC Leisure Services YouTube "Women in Science" playlist.

Women in Science Panel-Listen to women scientist and earn about what they do and how they got where they are today. 

Nature JournalingJoin SCNC staff for a lesson on nature journaling and learn how to do basic sketches. We’ll share about a few women naturalists and nature illustrators during the class. 

 Animal Encounter “Female Animals at SCNC”-   As we celebrate women scientists, join SCNC staff in celebrating a few of our female animals that reside at SCNC. Learn about bees, turtles and hissing cockroaches to find out what makes the females unique.

WIS Experiment Kit and Activities- We'll explore the kits we put together for the event. Kits are available at SCNC for purchase for $5 while supplies last. 

For more Women in Science videos, visit our Women in Science YouTube playlist. Check out the following videos:

Women in Science at SCNC-meet the current women working at Sandy Creek Nature Center to learn about their science paths.

Yvette Wise, Environmental Specialist with Town of Braselton-Follow Yvette through her job to learn about how she helps protect our streams and rivers.

Sheridan Alford, Environmental Educator and Birder-Who can become a birder? Anyone! Sheridan shares her journey and an easy way to learn more about birds. 

Margot Popecki, Fireflies-Learn about fireflies and their flashing patterns and color differences.  

Dr. Rima LucardiDr. Lucardi is a research ecologist with the USDA Forest Service. Discover how scientists develop a testable question as well as learning about her research.

Past Women in Science Event

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