Speed Safety Cameras

PLEASE NOTE: ACC's School Zone Speed Safety Cameras will begin issuing citations on August 4th. 


The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government contracts with Verra Mobility (VM) to administer its safety program, now consisting of five speed safety cameras. VM determines whether a violation event has occurred and reviews each infraction. They forward their findings to the ACCPD where the photographic evidence is reviewed multiple times before a citation is issued. ACCPD has contracted with Verra Mobility, which provides road safety programs for communities across the United States. More information about VM is available at www.verramobility.com

This program is designed to reduce the number of violations, crashes, and injuries caused by motorists speeding. The objective of the program is to slow motorists down and change driver behavior, making the community safer as drivers obey the posted speed limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

School Zone Speed Safety Brochure