Teen Media Arts Club

The Teen Media Arts Club (TMAC) started in January 2020, meeting at the Lyndon House Arts Center in beautiful downtown Athens, Georgia.

In early March 2020 the Arts Center was closed to the public due to the coronavirus.

March through July of 2020 TMAC continued meeting, but instead of physically with a pizza party at the Arts Center, they have been meeting via WebEx and have been working on this film.

Special thanks to our teaching artist and club mentor, Travis Ward.

This film consists of 5 parts created by 7 kids. They edited it together on Premier Pro via WebEx with help from Travis.  

This program exists, in part, by generous support from AthFest Educates to help bring technology and the arts to young people in Athens.

Thank you to Peran Van Dijk for making music for us.

For an invitation link to join the club (10 years old+) or for more information, please email: william.stephanos@accgov.com