Athens Fibercraft Guild

The Athens Fibercraft Guild has been actively supporting fiber arts in the community since its formation in 1975. AFG is committed to learning, teaching, preserving, and promoting all forms of fiber arts. The Guild presents exhibitions of their art, demonstrates various skills for the public, promotes fiber arts education in the schools, donates hand crafted items to local charities, maintains a library, preserves a swatch collection and sponsors hands on workshops as well as monthly programs September through May.

The interests of our forty members are varied; ranging from weaving, quilting and embroidery, to knitting and crocheting, including looping, basketry and paper making in fact any fiber art medium. The guild members share their various skills and crafts through open studios, monthly programs and workshops. Although many members are considered masters in their field, holding advanced degrees, teaching professionally and exhibiting widely, all skill levels are welcome, from beginner to teacher.

AFG invites anyone interested in fiber art skills to join monthly meetings, held at 12:30 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, September through May. For additional information contact

Full House Margaret Agner "Blessed Symmetry Owl", 2019, Fiber silk painting, 48" x 31"
Full House Dottie Harnish "Woven Wool Rug with Traditional Oaxaca Designs", 2020,  handspun/dy
Full House Liz Minkert Johnson "Sepia Table Runner", 2020, Wool, cotton, and acrylic, 8" x
Full House Erika Lewis "Christmastree Farm", 2020, Mixed media, 24" x 24"
Full House Mary Rugg "CASCADE", 2020, Handwoven fiber (organic linen from Italy), 10" x 19&
Full House Bonnie Montgomery "Rug #1045", 2019, Patterned rag-rug, 45" x 84"
Full House Linda Greiss "Brooch/Pendants #1 & #2", 2020, Textiles