2020 Greenway Network Plan: Map Updates

The Oconee Rivers Greenway Network Plan is a living document that guides the future of the greenway system of Athens-Clarke County. ACC Leisure Services staff worked in conjunction with The Oconee Rivers Greenway Commission to update the Greenway Network Plan alignment and supporting maps based on past public input and new mapping information available to aid in analysis of the Greenway corridors.

We are hosting a series of public input sessions to share the latest maps with citizens and other interested stakeholders. Leisure Services staff will review comments collected from the online survey and during those meetings, and develop the final alignment and maps based on that input. 

Status: Approved

Location: Athens-Clarke County

Public Input

Leisure Services is updating the graphic portion of the Greenway Network Plan. That means that we are simplifying some of our alignments, rerouting some of the connections, adding potential new trail segments, and removing some of the less feasible trail segments. This update will only change the maps and will not include a written report update (that’s coming next year!) We want to get input from you on all of these changes.

Please explore the Interactive Map and complete the Public Input Survey found on the map.  

Here is some additional information about how best to utilize the Interactive Map and tips to make navigation even easier:

Interactive Map

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The Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services Department hosted public meetings regarding proposed map updates to the Greenway Network Plan. Leisure Services Department staff will accept input regarding the proposed updates to the Greenway Network Plan until November 29 at midnight.  The community will have the opportunity to view the updates, explore the map, and provide comments via an online survey.

Virtual Meetings occurred on these dates:

  • Tuesday, November 10 at noon
  • Thursday, November 12 at 6:00 p.m

In Person Meeting:

Saturday, November 14 from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at Bishop Park near the Athens Farmers Market

*Social Distancing and Mask Wearing will be enforced.*

Oconee Rivers Greenway Network Plan: 2016 Update