Athens Community Corps (A-Corps)

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The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government (ACCGov) announces the launch of the Athens Community Corps (A-Corps) pilot program. 

A-Corps is a comprehensive professional and personal development experience that will bring together a team of 9 participants for 11 months for full-time employment, with benefits, by ACCGov. 

Coordinated by the ACCGov Economic Development Department, the intent of the program is to help empower community members to meet high-demand local workforce needs while improving the community. Participants in the program will be trained in, and exposed to, various kinds of careers and work activities while learning and developing interpersonal, professional, and technical skills that align with the high-demand workforce needs in the community.

The A-Corps program is based around four primary areas: community projects, career exploration, comprehensive professional development, and life skill. By the end of the program, the goal is for every individual in A-Corps to not only have completed a number of meaningful community projects and experienced a full-time employment opportunity, but also to have gained new skills for permanent employment in the public or private sector as well as new life skills. 

March A-Corps Newsletter

April A-Corps Newsletter

  1. Akilah Blount

    Akilah Blount

    A-Corps Crew Coordinator

  1. Jesus Ozana

    Jesus Ozuna

    A-Corps Crew Leader

  1. Kim Durden

    Kim Durden

    A-Corps Crew Member

  1. Jasmine McCommons

    Jasmine McCommons

    A-Corps Crew Member

  1. Clinton Hubbard

    Clinton "Dre" Hubbard

    A-Corps Crew Member

  1. Kristen Demonbreun

    Kristen Demonbreun

    A-Corps Crew Member

  1. Candy Solano

    Candy Solano

    A-Corps Crew Member

  1. Raymond Emmanuel Town

    A-Corps Crew Member

  1. Jasmine W1

    Jasmine Woods

    A-Corps Crew Member