Flu Shot Clinics

  • The following flu shot clinics will be available on ACCGov sites during October. As always, you may also visit your physician or pharmacy for a flu shot covered by your health insurance plan.
  • These clinics are available to all Full-Time & Part-Time ACCGov employees, Retirees & Retiree-spouses, & LTDs at no cost to you.  All necessary professional healthcare rules and regulations with respect to health and safety will be followed. **Participants are required to wear a mask in clinic.**
  • Masks will be required in each clinic.  Please come prepared.
  • Appointment is required for the clinics below
  • OPTIONAL:  Required paperwork may be completed prior to appointment, to reduce your time at the clinic.  Please visit www.accgov.com/wellness to download, print, & complete the form, then bring to clinic with you.
  • State & Supplemental employees will be eligible for a fee of $22.00 which may be paid by cash or check payable to ACC, BUT we encourage these individuals to visit your physician or local pharmacist for a no-cost flu shot, covered by your health insurance plan.