Report Water Pollution Concerns

paint down storm drain illicit discharge
illicit discharge

ACC Stormwater Staff needs your help in reporting water pollution and illegal dumping into Athens-Clarke County storm drains. Our storm drains flow directly to rivers and streams without any treatment. so when pollutants, including paints, oils, and soapy water, enter our storm system they can have harmful effects on water quality.

Remember, only rain down the storm drain. Help us stop water pollution.

Please contact us if you:

  • see someone dumping oil, grease, paint or other pollutants down a storm drain or into the street.
  • see someone blowing leaves into a storm drain.
  • notice flooding due to clogged storm drains and pipes.
  • suspect pollution in a stream.
  • see someone dumping trash or tires into a stream.
  • notice strange colors, suds, or smells in a stream.

Remember, water that flows into our storm drains does not get treated before entering our streams. Please remember: only rain down the storm drain!

To contact us, send an email to with a description of your concern or call our Stormwater Hotline at 706-614-1282. Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. All callers will remain anonymous. 

Other Ways to Report Litter

If you want to report an area that is littered (that is not necessarily near a stream or storm drain), report it to Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful here. These areas can be included on their list of areas eligible for an organized volunteer cleanup.

If you know of an illegal dumping situation that needs investigation, report it here. Illegal dumping includes items such as full kitchen bags, mattresses, furniture, tires, appliances, construction debris, and other large items.

If you witness a littering incident and have a car tag number to report, call Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful's Litter Hotline at 706-613-3501.