6.30.20 #ArtsCenterOnLine


After 11 weeks that the Arts Center has opened it’s doors again. Please check HERE for the new hours and procedures for visiting. However, we have this incredible 45th Juried Show to share that we would like to continue to feature online. Each day (see menu to the left) in the morning hours we will post a new work on display in the galleries with a short story.

Hi! I’m Spencer Lusk and I’m a stone mason by day and artist by night and I have always loved bright bold artwork like that of David Hockney. My piece is “Negative Pressure” which I painted with acrylic on a wood panel. Much of the inspiration for my art comes from old sci-fi films from the 50s and the idea of space being this romanticized frontier only to suck the characters and viewers into an endless void. My favorite thing about Athens is how diverse and vibrant the art community is. 

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