Imagine A Day Without Water

From drinking your morning coffee to brushing your teeth before bed, water is part of your daily life story.  Water is essential and invaluable, but it is something we often take for granted. On Imagine a Day Without Water, we ask everyone to consider what their day would be like if they couldn’t turn on the tap and get clean drinking water, or if you flushed the toilet and the water didn’t go anywhere. What would that day be like?  

Water Works Commercial  & Photo Contest 

To remind us of how important water is in our lives, we asked Athens to share photos that complete this sentence:
Water works. Today. Tomorrow. For ___________.  

We received almost 50 photos showing how water works for Athens, with 23 photos moving to the finalist round for online voting.  With the votes counted, the TOP 10 photos were selected and featured in a TV commercial.

Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For Life.

Water plays a vital role in our life story, be it for our morning coffee or for brushing our teeth before bed. Almost 50 photos were entered into our Water W...

Water works. Today. Tomorrow. 

A bird splashes in the birdbath.For bath time.
- Tyler Fletcher
A child relaxes while floating on a round pool float.For relaxation.
- Jamie Clark
Twins conduct a science experiment using water.For science experiments.
- Adrianne Farmer
A girl flips her hair in the pool with water flowing.For goddesses.
- Stefan Eberhard
A close up of a drop of water on the tip of a leaf.For growth.
- George Drewry
A group of ladies participate in water aerobics in the swimming pool.For water aerobics.
- Christina White
A water balloon is tossed.For water balloon fun.
- Caitlin Smith
A small child enjoys bubbles.For bubble bonanzas.
- Lydia Aletraris
Child sprays hose and smiles.For water wars.
- Erika Murphy
Dog and boy drink from hoseFor EVERyone!
- Mary Prickett

What can you do to promote water?

On October 21, 2020, share video, images, or messages answering, What is the value of water in your daily life?

Be sure to include #ImagineADayWithoutWater

Water Works.
Today. Tomorrow. For Life.