2020 Service Delivery Plan

Athens-Clarke County residents, businesses, and the environment depend on the water and sewer services provided by the Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities Department (PUD).  Every five years, the PUD updates and adds to the Service Delivery Plan, which evaluates the water and sewer needs over 20 years.

The PUD shared a four video series outlining the strategies in the 2020 Service Delivery Plan.  Viewers submitted questions and feedback, which PUD representatives responded to during a live event, which was recorded for additional viewing and now available below.

Review PDF of Service Delivery Plan

Video of Live Q&A Session for 2020 Service Delivery Plan

Residents reviewed the videos covering the four main sections of the 2020 Service Delivery Plan and submitted questions and feedback.  PUD representatives answered the questions during a live event, which was recorded and available for viewing.  To share additional feedback or questions, use the following form:  

History, Goals, & Process of the Service Delivery Plan
Video 1

Join Frank Stephens, Public Utilities Department Director, as he covers the history, goals, and process of the development of the Athens-Clarke County Service Delivery Plan.

Drinking Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection
Video 2

Join Greg Jackson, Utilities Engineer, as he covers the plans to maintain and improve our water distribution and sewer collection systems in Athens-Clarke County.