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Who is Involved

This process of the Clean and Renewable Planning and Implementation will have a huge undertaking by many different entities within Athens and from Atlanta. Those who are involved are:

  • Athens Office of Sustainability
  • ACC Office of Inclusion
  • ACC Office of Housing and Community Development
  • ACC Office of Economic Development 
  • ACCGov Mayor and Commission
  • Greenlink Analytics 
  • Southface Institute
  • the Community Advisory Board 
  • You-Only if you get involved. 

More detail can be gained from the tab on the left. As this planning moves forward, this page will be updated accordingly. 


Any information used in the creation of the Clean and Renewable section of the website will be stored here. Any additional information that will help serve to give a better idea of what Clean and Renewable Planning could look like will also be here. Our goal with this section is to ensure that any user who visits this page will have the tools necessary to understand this process.

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