Clean and Renewable Energy Campaign

Virtual Information Meeting Recording - June 17, 2022

Work Session Presentation - June 14, 2022

Clean and Renewable by 2035

On May 21st, 2019, the Athens Clarke-County Mayor and Commissioners unanimously voted to adopt a resolution to commit ACC’s energy to come from clean and renewable sources by 2035.

Engaging With the Community

As part of the commitment outlined in the resolution, the Sustainability Office is pleased to announce the launch of the Planning and Development phase of the Clean and Renewable Plan. 

With the help of many departments within ACCGov, the Mayor and Commission, Greenlink Analytics, and Southface Institute, the Sustainability Office shall engage with stakeholders and community members to help define what Clean and Renewable energy looks like for Athens-Clarke County. 

One of the ways to do this was through the establishment of a Community Advisory Board (CAB) created by mayoral action. The CAB helped to shape and direct the formation of the plan, which was ultimately approved by the Mayor and Commission.

Building a Sustainable Map

Renewable and clean energy plans take on different forms and implementations due to the diverse and unique challenges that different cities across the U.S. face. 

That is why this phase is so important; by working with the local community and receiving feedback, the Sustainability Office can build a map that will guide Athens-Clarke County towards the most effective renewable policies and technologies that are best-suited for the community’s needs. 

Resolution Picture

Mayor and Commission just finished signing the 100% Clean and Renewable Resolution

From Left to Right: ***C. Davenport, C. Edwards, C. Denson, C. NeSmith, M. Girtz, 100% Songster, C. Hamby, C. Wright, C. Thornton, *100% Songster, **E.G. Gayer, 100% Ritzler, 100% Onyioha, 100% Myers, C. Link, C. Parker, G.E Averett.

* 100% Athens Community Group

**Environment Georgia


resolution dates graphic_update_2020-06-16

The resolution has two main objectives in it's focus: Renewable energy for ACCGov and Renewable energy for the Athens Community. However, in order to achieve this, ACCGov needs to hear from you (yes, you) about what what needs to be met in your community to successfully achieve Clean and Renewable. If you would like to read about all 5 commitments, you can find the resolution here