4.18.20 #ArtsCenterOnLine


As you know, the Arts Center is closed until further notice. However, we have an incredible Juried Show to share. We are moving the 45th online. Each day (see menu to the left) in the morning hours we will post a new work on display in the galleries with a short story.

Hi! I’m Jaquelynn Faass @j.faass.art I am a local Athens artist currently working on my Masters of Social Work, and I love tacos. This piece, “What Did We Do?," (oil on canvas) was created during the 2016 election and stands as a metaphor for the immature and childish ways our President is unraveling the fabric of our county. My favorite thing about this town is the incredible wealth of local businesses and restaurants that separate Athens from the blandness of chain restaurants and huge corporations. 

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