4.1.20 #ArtsCenterOnLine


As you know, the Arts Center is closed until further notice.  However, we have an incredible Juried Show to share.  We are moving the 45th online.  Each day (see menu to the left) in the morning hours we will post a new work on display in the galleries with a short story.

Hi! I’m Abigail West @upinthewoods Some of my earliest childhood memories involve dumpster diving for toys at the landfill—take em home, clean em up, and they are good to go! I still love things that have been trashed, and now I transform these materials into something beautiful and, hopefully, thought provoking. In “Full Moon” (shown in photo) and “Blue Book #2”, both made in 2019 from reclaimed materials including plastic bags, chip bag, printed using lithography and monoprint. My favorite thing about Athens? It’s tough to say, but I love both the strong community AND all of the beautiful things outdoors: parks, trails, trees, flowers, etc! 

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