Call for Public Art - Roundabout at Whitehall Rd. and S. Milledge Ave. (TSPLOST 2018 Project #10)

  1. Call Summary
  2. Project Overview & Site Description
  3. Public Art Goals & Criteria
  4. Eligibility
  5. Budget
  6. Timeline

The Athens Cultural Affairs Commission (ACAC) invites professional artists to submit their proposals for consideration in the roundabout project at Whitehall Road and South Milledge Avenue, Athens, Georgia. 

The selected artist(s) will work with the ACAC and government staff to create an artwork that complements the roundabout’s design and function while enhancing a gateway to the community.

Note: Only proposals that pass safety evaluation by City Engineer(s) may be considered.

Final Proposal Submissions:

All proposals must be submitted to Athens-Clarke County’s online system of calls for entry, care of the Athens Cultural Affairs Commission (ACAC).

All of the following must accompany your submission to be considered by a citizen selection panel:

  1. Artist(s) contact information, including your name(s), mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail. Please do not identify the artist(s) on the public art concept or description (including links to website), so that the selection process is anonymous.
  2. A resume of your credentials and related experience.
  3. A list of professional references with their contact information.
  4. A title and description of your public art concept for the project. Include a materials list, any needs for special equipment or the like, and a timeline for producing and installing the artwork. Provide enough detail to support your images (#5) and budget (#6).
  5. Up to five (5) images of your proposed design, annotated with image descriptions such as perspective, scale, etc. May include additional detail images, if needed. The media chosen to convey your design(s) is up to your discretion, whether hand-drawn, computer generated, digital media, or photograph examples including previous work. However, all designs must be uploaded as a digital image to the application website.
  6. A budget that details all costs to execute the artwork including, but not limited to, design, materials, fabrication, installation including foundation/supports, insurance, travel and artist’s fees.
  7. Please indicate your interest in mentoring a local artist as part of the project.

Note: The selected artist must have an engineer certify/seal the final design plans for structural soundness and public safety.


Andrew Salinas, Chairman
Athens Cultural Affairs Commission

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