Overview Commission

MEMBERS: 21 members appointed by October 2019 term of the Grand Jury  

TERM: 1 year through 12-31-2020

AUTHORIZING LEGISLATION: Athens-Clarke County Code 8-116


  • To be determined at the time of call


  • Consider the goals and objectives of the Unified Government; the extent to which the Unified Government has achieved its objectives in an effective and responsible manner; the performance and accomplishments of the agencies of the Unified Government in the preceding fiscal year, budgetary costs incurred, projected activities and budgets; and the extent to which additional programs are needed. Upon completion, the commission will make written recommendations published to the Mayor and Commission and available to the public.
Elizabeth Higgins, Chair
John Napier, Vice Chair
Mumbi Anderson
Paul Bunce
Armand Chapeau
Gail Cowie
Richard Davis
Joseph Fabregas
Andrea Farnham
Brandy Kirkwood
Stephanie Lynn
Peter Norris
Timothy Pierce-Tomlin
Frank Platt
Hanaid Qadir
Taisheema Schley
Roy Schmidt
Sherry Tanner
Biff Tant
Ellen Walker
Alex Vanden Heuvel

CONTACT: ACC.OC.2020@gmail.com