Firefly Trail - Winterville Expansion


Project Information
Information on the Winterville Section of the Firefly Trail is available in the agenda item from the Mayor & Commission April 17, 2018 Agenda Setting Session.

Firefly Information
The Firefly Trail is a planned 39-mile rail-trail from Athens to Union Point in Northeast Georgia, connecting Athens-Clarke, Oglethorpe, and Greene Counties. The historic rail line, known as the Athens Branch of the Georgia Railroad, branched off the still-active Augusta-to-Atlanta line in Union Point and passed through the towns of Woodville, Maxeys, Stephens, Crawford, Arnoldsville and Winterville on its way to Athens.

This project includes the establishment of an improved surface trail for non-motorized vehicles along the historic Georgia Railroad corridor within the city limits of Winterville between Moores Grove Road and the Athens-Clarke County Line. The trail will allow for pedestrian and bicyclist alike to safely participate in activities within Athens-Clarke County without being within close motor vehicle proximity. This project includes design, engineering, and right of way acquisition in preparation for immediate trail construction.

For more information visit the TSPLOST Project 6 page, or Firefly Trail page

Status: Under Construction
Location: Between Moores Grove Road and the Athens-Clarke County Line
Funding Source: TSPLOST 2018

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