Domestic Violence, Sex & Financial Crimes

Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Derek Scott is currently in charge of the domestic violence unit, sex crimes unit, and financial crimes unit.

Domestic Violence

Six investigators presently man the domestic violence unit. They are responsible for follow-up investigations on all domestic violence reports, misdemeanors, and felony cases. The domestic violence unit currently receives a grant to assist in funding some of these investigative positions as well as to provide the detectives with training.

Sex Crimes

Sergeant Harrison Daniel supervises both the sex crime detectives and the domestic violence detectives. Three investigators presently constitute the sex crimes unit. They are responsible for cases involving adults and children. These cases include rapes, attempted rapes, child molestation, child abuse, stalking, peeping toms, and indecent exposures.

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department utilizes a program referred to as a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurses Examiner) program when working sexual assault cases. This ensures that a specially trained nurse examines the victim to obtain evidence and that the victim receives the assistance of the Sexual Assault Center of Northeast Georgia.

Financial Crimes

There are currently three forgery detectives. The forgery detectives work white-collar crime including forgeries, embezzlements, financial transaction card theft / fraud cases, identity thefts, and other financial fraud cases.

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