Animal Services Statistics - 2019

General Statistics for 2019

  Dogs Cats
Total Intake 1217 (873 stray, 360 owner surrender) 798 (444 stray, 346 owner surrender)
Still in shelter 52 41
Adopted 275 183
Reclaimed 283 24
Returned to Owner 28
Transferred to Rescue 535
Euthanized 87
Dead at Kennel 2
Dead on Arrival 7
Escaped  0
Live Release Rate 92.65% 84.38%

Important Definitions

  • Dead at Kennel - Died at the kennel without human intervention. This includes stillborn animals and those who pass while being transported to the shelter or vet.
  • Dead on Arrival - Animal has died before being taken into the care of animal services.
  • Reclaimed - Owner picked animal up after the animal has been impounded at the animal services facility.
  • Returned to Owner - Animal is returned to owner prior to being impounded at the animal services facility (usually in the field).
  • Live Release Rate - Calculated by the following formula (adopted + reclaimed + returned to owner + transferred to rescue groups) / (euthanized + dead at kennel + adopted + reclaimed + returned to owner + transferred to rescue groups)

Animals still at the shelter awaiting placement as well as those that were already deceased before coming into the shelter’s care are omitted from this calculation. Escaped animals are also omitted.

Please note that the “euthanized” number is largely composed of animals who were euthanized due to severe injury or illness (such as cats hit by cars and puppies with parvovirus) and those with severe behavioral issues. However, due to the subjective nature of what is and is not deemed adoptable, the calculation includes all euthanized animals, regardless of the reason for euthanasia.