41: Sandy Creek Park Renovations: Phase II

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Sandy Creek Park is the largest park in the Leisure Services park system. With its size at 780 acres and diverse recreational offerings, the park has been a regional draw since opening in the late 1970's. This project realizes the second phase of critical revitalization of core features of Sandy Creek Park.

The implementation of phase two of Sandy Creek Park improvements is the second step in a multi-phased process that will address some of the park's long standing issues while enhancing safety, user experience, and convenience.  This project is a continuation of the SPLOST 2011 project dedicated to Sandy Creek Park. The proposal primarily focuses on enhancements and renovations that further enhance the park and ensure longevity of facilities. The first element focuses on the core areas of the park including the lakeside area, pavilions, restrooms, and play areas. The second element focuses on planning and implementation to rework the eastern side of the park to incorporate adjacent government-owned land and expand the programmatic offerings of the park. This includes exploration of programmatic additions such as camping and other natural resource based recreation opportunities. The renovations of existing park features consist of sub-projects such as lakeside improvements that reduce erosion while deepening the swimming area, improve the boat rental space, upgrade camping opportunities, provide additional rental area to enhance user services while providing space for future concessionaires, and improve the popular lakeside picnic areas. The three largest pavilions in the park would undergo full renovations and be brought up to current codes. All of the restroom buildings in the park would be renovated and brought up to code, and the recently approved replacement of the Dino Tot Lot playground allows the opportunity to fund additional elements to create a destination playground for the region.  Improved pedestrian circulation in the park would create opportunities for safe walking and cycling routes throughout the space.

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