39: Memorial Park Renovations, Phase 1

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Memorial Park is one of the flagship parks of Athens. The 72-acre park is nestled in the heart of five points. Many generations have enjoyed the amenities that Memorial Park has to offer, creating cherished memories in the process. The park offers a wide variety of amenities that draw not only the citizens of Athens-Clarke County, but also those of neighboring communities.

The implementation of phase one of the Memorial Park Master plan is the first step in a multi phased process that will address some of the park's long standing issues while enhancing safety, user experience, and convenience.  This project includes critical repairs to the park's stormwater facilities, redevelopment of vehicular and pedestrian circulation, improvements to the dog park area, replacement of the playground, picnic shelter upgrades, replacement of plumbing fixtures, and renovation of restrooms. Stormwater improvements include dredging and enlarging the lake's forebay, increasing the capacity of the forebay's spillway, draining and dredging the lake, removing the island, restoration of the lake's edge habitat, dam repairs, reconstruction of the dam's spillway, and any other required elements as specified by engineers. Additionally, there will be replacement of ancillary stormwater infrastructure including, but not limited to, drainage swales, culverts, catch basins, retaining walls, curb and gutter, or any other required elements as specified by engineers. The redevelopment of vehicular and pedestrian circulation for this portion of the park enhances pedestrian safety, provides additional parking opportunities, and improves access for school busses and other large vehicles. Improvements to the dog park area will begin with the creation of a new, adjacent dog park and will include grading, terracing, tree removal and revegetation, installation of a bio-swale, frost-proof water features, and new fencing with airlock entries. Replacement of the dated playground will include a new and larger play structure with an adjacent adventure play trail. Both facilities provide opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities. Picnic shelter upgrades include fresh paint, new roofs, and fans. New frost-proof water fountains replace old and broken units. Lastly, dog park and playground restrooms receive fresh paint, new fixtures, and improved dividers.

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