32: Fire Department Equipment

Project Description from submission form

To replace aging equipment with safer, more effective models to sustain and improve the services provided to the community.  That equipment may include:  replace 181 sets of current set of personal protective equipment, purchase 181 sets of  personal protective equipment as a second set that includes coat, pants, helmet, hood, gloves, boots, install dryer cabinets in each station for personal protective equipment, automatic defibrillators, thermal imaging cameras, Portable Radios, Breathing Air Refill Compressors (2 fire stations and Training Center), PPE Gear Extractor for Fire Department Training Center, Ballistic Rescue Vests (2 vests on each apparatus), Replace Hydraulic Rescue Tools (HURST), Replace station living equipment (refrigerator, stove, furniture, beds, etc.), Replace breathing apparatus, and exercise equipment. 

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