70: Jackson Street Art Walk

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The Jackson Street Art Walk project includes planning, design and construction of street and pedestrian improvements between Hoyt and Dougherty Streets to establish a pedestrian-oriented promenade showcasing permanent and temporary artworks.  The project will create a new cultural destination for public art; and establish a new downtown community space for events and gatherings. Ultimately the art walk project will be created by and for Athenians as a forum to engage our diverse communities.

Street improvements may include but not limited to low impact design such as narrowing the existing roadway while accommodating 2-way traffic, incorporating permeable paving and bioretention stormwater systems. Pedestrian improvements may include but not limited to widened walkways, attractive paving, accessible cross-walks, curbless street sections, additional trees, seating, street furniture and amenities and art pads. In addition, the existing Lay Park parking area will be re-located and a new playground constructed in a safer location for children.  The relocation of the parking area will also allow space for creating a new plaza area for art displays, structures and public gathering spaces.  Landscape improvements will be added to enhance the downtown fire station setting and offer another location for future public art installations.  The project scope includes a community-driven downtown public art plan that will integrate the Jackson Street Art Walk into a long-term vision for public art in the downtown area.    

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