64: Dudley Park Master Plan Improvements for Completion

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The existing Dudley Park Master plan and recent construction activities are the result of years of planning that involves several ACC and community organizations.  The purpose of the SPLOST 2020 project request is to complete the approved existing master plan, which received partial funding from SPLOST 2011.  The request for funding in 2011 for Dudley Park was $3.2 million.  The final project amount approved was $970,000. After subtracting fees and non-construction-related costs, $670,000 has been made available for new construction. It is anticipated that existing from the 2011 SPLOST funding will pay for the restroom/picnic pavilion building.

In the fall of 2017, a newly appointed Dudley Park User Group and the public reviewed the original park master plan and reduced the number of park elements.   The revised master plan was approved by the Mayor and Commission in June, 2018.  In late summer, 2018, the community was invited to prioritize the project list.  As a result, restrooms were rated as most important, followed by ecological restoration and completion of grading and pedestrian access to the festival field/amphitheater.

This project will focus on the design and construction of the completing the remaining elements of the master plan which include: (1) completion of the grading and pedestrian access to the festival field / outdoor amphitheater, (2) amphitheater stage, (3) ecological restoration efforts within woodland and riparian areas within the park, (4) natural surface walking trails with boardwalks in sensitive areas, (5) a trail creek overlook platform, (6) a multi-generational playground, (7) canoe/kayak boat launch, (8) stage enclosure, (9) seating for amphitheater, (10) improved parking, Oconee River overlook, vendor area enhancement, and an improved cul-de-sac drop-off area for visitors during future planned events.  

Dudley Park is located adjacent to the ACC Multi-modal station, Classic Center, several downtown hotels and is positioned at the "cross roads" of the Oconee River Greenway and Firefly trail. This important location insures a wide variety of in-town and out-of-town and users will have immediate (non-vehicular) access to the park. Additionally, Dudley Park is adjacent to several in-town neighborhoods, which will allow people of all ages to walk or cycle to park to take advantage of recreational opportunities, community events and other park related amenities. 

The timing for this project is perfect for the SPLOST 2020 program.  During the early years of the proposed 2020 program, GDOT is scheduled to rework the Oconee Street Bridge over the river and provide access for the Greenway to go under the new bridge to tie sections of the greenway in Dudley Park to the Greenway on the other side of Oconee Street.  The Greenway Project will be adding a bridge over Trail Creek to make all of these connections.  All of this work will leave put Dudley Park easily accessible by trails from all directions and the amenities planned by this project would be more highly used.

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