52: Sustainability Investment Program

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The Sustainability Improvement Program will fund capital projects to enhance the sustainability of ACCGOV property. This project will prioritize capital improvements that decrease operating expenses, improve environmental health, and are not otherwise funded via the ACCGOV Capital Budget, SPLOST, or TSPLOST projects. Examples of such improvements include, but are not limited to: alternative fuel vehicle replacement; pervious pavement retrofits; water conservation retrofits at ACCGOV facilities; developing facilities to expand local food distribution; creating green roofs and on‐site stormwater improvements; expanding access to recycling facilities; and/or funding equipment used for natural area restoration.

The implementation of this project will be guided by a process approved by the Mayor and Commission. The Athens Sustainability Plan, which is currently under development, can provide a guide as to what types of public capital improvements are needed to enhance community sustainability. As a compliment to the Envision Athens plan and the Comprehensive Plan, the Athens Sustainability Plan articulates a vision to grow the economy, protect the environment, and improve our community. The plan is currently in development and will be presented to the Mayor and Commission for adoption in 2019. The plan draft has eleven chapters that pair long‐term goals with a list of proposed supporting actions that are to be implemented over the first five years. An additional five year work plan will be developed during the tenure of the SPLOST 2020 program. The dedication of SPLOST 2020 funding will ensure adequate resources are needed to support public sustainability enhancements, resulting in actionable outcomes that do not burden the ACCGOV capital budget.

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