44: Police Vehicles

Project Description from submission form

This request seeks the acquisition of additional vehicles to allow for the full-implementation of an assigned vehicle program for ACCPD officers.  In particular, this would be consistent with the assigned vehicle program first enacted under SPLOST 2000, and renewed in SPLOST 2005.  

Currently, the ACCPD has an inventory of 225 vehicles in support of standard police operations, of which 221 are non-specialized vehicles potentially eligible for assignment to individual officers. An additional 37 vehicles are required to allow for a 1 to 1 vehicle issuance at the department's authorized strength of 254 officers, with 4 spare vehicles in support of general fleet functions inclusive of assignment during vehicle repairs. A replacement of the department's mobile command vehicle and one additional in-custody transport van is also requested. Pursuit-rated hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles will be utilized where they are operationally feasible. 

In sum, this request seeks:

37 vehicles to complete assigned vehicle program (all officers with an assigned vehicle)

1 transport van

1 Mobile Command Center

Estimated Cost:  
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