Art Time 

Art Time with William Stephanos

Six Fridays, beginning September 10, 2021, 3:00 - 4:30 pm

Ages 4 – 6

ACC Residents: $68, Non-residents: $95.50, $5 supply fee



We will maintain social distancing with everyone wearing a face covering. We will do activities outside when possible. Art Time class combines artistic technique with authentic self-expression.


Art Time combines artistic technique with authentic self-expression.  Fine art is about creative problem solving and not about just following step-by-step instructions. This one and a half hour class, with a very low child/adult ratio, offers students the opportunity to be curious and open to new ideas while developing new skills.  Young artists will explore a range of fine art media including 2D and 3D, painting, drawing, printmaking, paper-making, video art, and more.  We open with circle time and sketchbook time. 

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