2008 Comprehensive Plan

About the Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is broken down into several sections based on the order in which the documents were (and are continuing to be) prepared:

  • Under Community Assessment, you will find the initial staff-generated facts and figures documents and maps covering a broad range of topics.
  • At the Community Participation Program link, you will find the public input strategy that has guided the current Community Agenda, as well as several public input guiding documents including the Comprehensive Plan Survey results and the Workshops Report.
  • The Community Agenda is the vision and action plan portion of the Comprehensive Plan. Under this section, you will find the draft Future Development map as well as the draft Issues and Opportunities, Policies, and Short-Term Work Program.
  • Finally, Supplemental Plan includes all those plans or studies produced by various agencies and other Athens-Clarke County departments that contribute to or otherwise shape the Athens-Clarke County Comprehensive Plan.