Improving Infrastructure with Leak Detection

It’s not only important for our customers to fix leaks in their homes - we are looking for leaks throughout our entire water distribution system, too. Reducing leaks in the water system has big benefits:

  • increased efficiency and greater reliability

  • reduced costs for pumping, treating, and transporting water

  • preserving our water supplies for future useLeak Detection Truck & Technicianleak_map_schedule_650x580The leak detection crew is currently working on the UGA Campus and will move into the 5-points area in June, 2018.

Using sensitive electronic detection equipment, skilled operators will find the exact location of leaks on mains, valves, and fire hydrants. In some areas of high traffic volume, leak surveys may be conducted at night. The PUD will notify the Police Department and other departments if nighttime surveying is scheduled.

Our leak survey program plans to inspect 162 miles of water pipeline per year, completing a thorough survey of the 810 miles of pipeline in our system in five years.