The ways we get to work, to school, and across town use the most energy of any category: diesel and gasoline use make up an astonishing 75% of all energy consumption. Athens-Clarke County is committed to finding and implementing more efficient, diverse fuel alternatives that save dollars and energy. 

Under the Energy Policy Act, the government requires 75% of new federal light vehicles to be alternatively fueled vehicles. Recently, ACC Transit has introduced 12 new low-emission diesel electric hybrid buses into the county's fleet. The new buses are twice as fuel efficient and improved fuel consumption by 125% as compared to the buses they replaced.

There are several ways you can help reduce energy use and the emissions of harmful gases that are a by-product of gasoline and diesel consumption. 

  • Use Athens Transit or the UGA Bus System to travel locally
  • Carpool with neighbors or co-workers to reduce traffic and gas consumption
  • Use the Athens Greenway Network to bike or walk to Athens parks, green spaces, or community sites
  • Bike or walk instead of driving when possible
  • Invest in a hybrid or electric vehicle; use PlugShare to find charging stations

Athens-Clarke County is currently in the process of developing a bike/pedestrian master plan called Athens In Motion to develop a safe, connected, and equitable bike and pedestrian network. ACC TSPLOST projects are working towards a better and safer transportation system in Athens.