Current Volunteer Positions

Cat interaction helps build trust with humans!

Shelter Opportunities

The Athens-Clarke County Animal Control Shelter has a variety of opportunities for volunteers to help socialize and care for the animals. Below is a list of all the current opportunities.

Dog Socialization

Volunteers visit dogs at the shelter and let them out of their kennel to play in one of our nine interaction pens. This provides the dogs an opportunity to vent excess energy, get some exercise, relive stress, and get some love. Socializing the dogs helps build trust and makes them more adoptable. Even a few minutes of exercise and playtime calms them down and will entertain you!  Socializing with dogs is a great opportunity for those who can’t have pets of their own to get some puppy-love! We welcome Dog Socialization volunteers Thursday-Tuesday from 10 AM – 4 PM, and volunteers are most needed on weekdays.

Dog Bathers and Groomers

Volunteers help groom and bathe dogs available for adoption to help keep them clean and in good appearance for potential adopters. Some dogs don’t know what it feels like to be clean, and would greatly appreciate a bath! We welcome Dog Bathers and Groomers Thursday-Tuesday from 10 AM – 4 PM.

Cat Socialization

Volunteers socialize cats by petting, playing, and talking to them, which helps build trust for people and other animals. Some cats arrive at the shelter frightened and stressed, and every bit of human contact makes them feel better. We have one interaction room available for playing with cats. We welcome Cat Socialization volunteers 10 AM – 4 PM, and volunteers are most needed on weekdays.

Cat Care

Volunteers help clean cages, sweep and mop the shelter area, provide cats with scratching posts and toys, refresh food and water, and assist with washing dishes. The shelter cats appreciate the much-needed TLC. We are seeking volunteers for daily cleaning as well as deep-clean assistance. Daily Cat Care opportunities are Thursday-Tuesday from 10 AM – 4 PM, with deep clean opportunities on Wednesday. A specific orientation is required in order to become a Cat Care volunteer. Please contact to schedule an orientation.

Athenspets Opportunities

The Animal Control Shelter also works with the non-profit group Athenspets, who advocates for the animals at the shelter. Athenspets has a number of volunteer opportunities available within their organization. Below is a list of the opportunities available with Athenspets. You can visit their website for more information, or email to sign up to volunteer with them.

Athenspets Advocate 

Advocates are cheerleaders for one or two of our shelter pets at a time, getting to know them really well and telling everyone what’s special about them. We ask that you commit to coming to the shelter at least once each week to spend time with your animal(s), taking photographs and generally checking in on how they are doing. Then spend the next week sharing your photos and insights on social media! Email if you are interested in becoming an Advocate!

Photo & Story Volunteer

If you’ve spent time at the shelter as a volunteer or advocate and are interested in becoming more involved, contact us about becoming a photo and story volunteer for our website. We ask that you commit to at least two visits a month and we provide training.


If you can’t come to the shelter, you can also help our dogs and cats get adopted by publicizing them on social media (like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), listservs, etc. You may copy our pictures and stories – no copyright worries here! Be sure your messages include the pet’s ledger number and a link to the Athenspets bio for that animal. Dogs and cats do not stay at Animal Control for long, so the information must be timely.

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