Intermediate Ballet

This class is for advanced beginners to the intermediate level student and should be taken after the student has trained in ballet consistently three years and understands and can execute the fundamental positions and steps. An emphasis will be placed on the French vocabulary, placement of the body, and more complicated steps. 

Parents/guardians are required to purchase dance wear prior to the start of this camp.  Girls: Black Leotard, transitional flesh-tone tights, pink ballet shoes.  Boys:  White t-shirt, Black male leggings or biker shorts and black ballet shoes. 

Ages: 8 -13 years
Dates: Wednesdays, September 5 - October 24, 2018
Time:   4:30 pm-5:30 pm 
Fee: $38 ACC residents, $57 non-residents
Location:  East Athens Educational Dance Center, 706-613-3624
Registration:   Registration takes place online.  Registration begins Saturday, August 4th at 9:00 a.m. for ACC residents.  Non-residents may register starting Monday, August 6th at noon.  Register online for this program.

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