Athens In Motion Bicycle / Pedestrian Master Plan

The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government is in the process of developing a bike/pedestrian master plan known as the Athens In Motion Plan. The Athens In Motion Plan will identify a clear strategy for near and long-term projects that will result in a safe, connected, and equitable bike and pedestrian network for Athens-Clarke County.

Updated 9.19.18

The final version of the Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan is scheduled to be voted on by the Mayor and Commission on October 2nd. The full agenda report and Master Plan can be viewed:

Updated 6.7.18

Members of the Athens in Motion Citizens Advisory Committee will be available at the Hot Corner Festival downtown on Saturday morning to share the Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan with the public and to solicit input about the plan's findings.

They will be giving out Athens in Motion t-shirts as well.

Updated 6.5.18

A Public Meeting will be held Thursday, June 14, 2018 from 5:30-7:30 at the Bobby Snipes Water Resource Facility, located at 780 Barber Street.  This will be a drop-in event to review the Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan.

Updated 4.18.18

Public comment will be accepted online through Wednesday, May 2, 2018 for the proposed network and pedestrian network plans:

Network MapNetwork_12x18

This map shows the proposed overall or primary active transportation network for the entirety of Athens-Clarke County. This network is not all new infrastructure, but rather builds on existing and funded facilities such as bike lanes and greenways. The “Proposed Connections” are areas of the network that will need bicycle infrastructure or bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, depending on land use context, to enhance safety and connectivity.

A PDF of the proposed network map is available for download (2.5 mb)

Pedestrian NetworkPedNetwork_12x18

This map shows current pedestrian conditions along the primary network (illustrated in the Network Map). Specifically, this map illustrates where there sidewalk currently exists, where there are gaps, and where there is currently not any sidewalk. In addition, this map illustrates pedestrian improvements that are funded or in progress, such as TSPLOST funded greenways and projects that are on the ACCUG sidewalk gap program list. The majority of this map reflects the same network as the Network Map, however, there are specific pedestrian only improvements that are illustrated in this map.

A PDF of the proposed pedestrian network is available for download (2.5 mb)

draft-networkUpdated 3.6.2018: The next steps for the Athens in Motion Plan include continued refinement of the draft network to improve safety and connectivity along with a future opportunity for public comments on the proposed network. All opportunities and events for public comment will be advertised through the Athens-Clarke County website.

All opportunities and events for public comment will be advertised through the Athens-Clarke County website and the Athens in Motion notification listserve.

A PDF of the draft network is available for download (21 mb)

View discussion from the February 27, 2018 Mayor & Commission Work Session.

Updated 1.23.18: A PDF of the presentation from the January 8, 2018 Citizens Advisory Meetings is now online.

Updated 1.2.18: A heatmap showing density of WikiMap comments is now available in PDF format (45 mb).* 

The heatmaps illustrate  line and point data received from public WikiMap comments with an additional 1/8-mile buffer. The line and point inputs were as follows:

  • Difficult route for biking
  • Difficult route for walking
  • Route I bike
  • Route I walk
  • Barrier to biking
  • Barrier to walking
  • Destination

*PDF may load slowly due to large document size.


Updated 8.18.17: The result of the bicyclist / pedestrian demand analysis is a heat map which shows areas of current or potential demand for biking and walking based on proximity to items such as parks, trails/greenways, schools, colleges/universities, commercial centers, and other community amenities. This demand analysis is one of the many layers that will be used to inform the final plan.

Athens In Motion Documents

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