Katie Yost

The biodiversity of fish, reptiles, and amphibians living in local Georgia waters are the star of Katie Yost's hydrant. She uses her background as a scientific and medical illustrator to illustrate the beauty to be found around us. Litter and pollution in our waters harm these gorgeous creatures.  Let her hydrant remind you that we all depend on water for our survival, so keep our water sources clean and free of debris.  

Check out the detail Katie applied to this hydrant located on the corner of Washington St. & Pulaski St.  What makes this piece of art extra impressive is knowing that the required paint the artists used was extremely thick and difficult to work with.  How Katie managed to get such detail into her design with this paint is as much of a marvel as the invention of fire hydrants themselves.
Creatures of GA, by Katie Yost

Water Creatures of GA, by Katie Yost