Megan Reeves

Fire Up the Hydrants wouldn't have been complete without a nod to "Uga", the UGA mascot. In her design, artist Megan Reeves throws a little snorkel gear on this special bulldawg and puts him underwater.  Here he comes across a colorful octopus, shark, and other fantastic sea creatures you have got to see.   

The hydrant is located next to City Hall and the iconic double barrel cannon on the corner of E. Hancock Ave & College Ave.  The cannon is a popular tourist stop.  Megan's piece of art adds some extra ka-boom! to the location.

In addition to painting fire hydrants, Megan studied biological engineering.  She hopes to one day combine her two passions and work as a medical illustrator.  You may pick up a piece of her art at a local artist market.  In addition to detailed illustrations of human organs, Megan is also known for her drawings of panda bears and Peter Rabbit. 

Cannon crop

Sea Dawg, by Megan Reeves