Sarah Cook

This enchanted hydrant seems to have sprung straight from a fairy tale.  With its recognizable red and white top, one can easily imagine a frog sitting under it, waiting to be kissed by a passing princess on her way to nearby Gigi's Cupcakes.  

The vision for this hydrant comes from artist Sarah Cook, who is captivated by all things toadstool. While this particular type of mushroom depicted tends to be toxic, the water coming from the transformed hydrant is nothing but life-saving.  

In addition to being an artist, Sarah is also a dedicated ACC employee. It is in her free time that she is able to enjoy what she called "doodling".  The end results are pieces of swirly, relaxing art that reveal the free spirit hiding within the artist.    
Toad Stool, Sarah Cook

Toad Stool, by Sarah Cook