Emily Bilcik & Brittni Viskochil

The inspiration for this hydrant came in part from Emily Bilcik's impressive collection of succulent plants.  She and good friend Brittni Viskochil turned their hydrant into a cactus, which is a succulent.  Like a fire hydrant, succulents store a lot of water inside.

Succulents have the ability to thrive on limited water sources.  These types of plants are good to consider when designing your landscape.  This hydrant is called "Xeriscaping".  The name refers to a landscape design principle in which one chooses plants with a low need for supplemental water from irrigation. Many people associate xeriscaping with cacti and the arid west, but this technique can be applied in Georgia, too.  With turf grass being the most irrigated crop by surface area, it is not a bad idea to consider killing your grass and xeriscaping to use water wisely. 

Look for this hydrant popping up from the sidewalk on the corner of Broad St. & Jackson St.  It is the perfect "plant" for the location.

Xeriscaping, by Emily Bilcik

Xeriscaping, by Emily Bilcik & Brittni Viskochil