Tonya Allen

Tonya Allen is the artist behind the gentle scrollwork and flower ornamentation you see on the hydrant at the corner of Washington St. & Jackson St.  Because this design is reminiscent of a Nordic folk art welcome sign, it was decided the hydrant next to the old Georgian Hotel would be the perfect fit.  It offers a "velkommen" to the visitors of Athens.   

Not only is Tonya a talented local artist who is at home behind a paint brush, but she is a master with the sewing needle as well.  She is often called upon to stitch up costumes for Dragoncon, the world's largest fantasy/si-fi convention held in Atlanta, GA.  From Wonder Woman to X-Men, Tonya has got you covered when you need a one-of-a-kind costume. 
Whimsical Water, by Tonya Allen
Whimsical Water

, by Tonya Allen