Citizens Government Academy

The Citizens Government Academy is a ten (10) week program that is designed to:
  • Give residents an opportunity to learn how to access their government
  • familiarize residents with government services, functions and activities of Athens-Clarke County
  • Help residents gain a better understanding about how to become involved in local government
  • Enhance their ability to communicate effectively with local officials. 
Program Details:
  • Participants must be Athens-Clarke County residents, age 18+
  • Class size is limited to 25 participants on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Each class will be conducted by a department representative and will provide both an informational and interactive learning approach.
The program is structured around six strategic commitments:
  1. Informed and Engaged Community
  2. Financial Health and Economic Prosperity
  3. Healthy, Livable, and Sustainable Athens-Clarke County
  4. Transportation Mobility and Connectivity
  5. Safe and Prepared Community
  6. Accountable and Responsive Government

Participants will gain a better understanding of 
  • The relationships between residents, the Mayor & Commission, and governmental departments
  • The process for deciding why and how government projects are implemented and services are provided
  • The ways government projects support Mayor & Commission goals and objectives as well as the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government's strategic commitments. 
  • The budgeting process 
  • Roles and functions of public safety departments 
  • Environmental stewardship measures
  • Additional responsibilities and functions of the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government

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